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About Our Yarns

The yarns created at Still River Mill are made from the finest materials available.  We hand pick our wools and other exotic fibers to create the highest possible quality yarns.  Batches are carefully blended so the fibers improve upon each other.  Each color choice is thoughtfully selected to create unique yarns that are not only in style now, but will maintain a timeless beauty and affect.

Our unique blends are created in micro batches giving our customers an exclusive selection from which to choose. For the ultimate knitting and weaving experience, our gentle processing techniques promote the natural beauty and character of the fibers unlike the large scale commercial process. Each batch is carefully crafted and receives acute attention and care from our expert mill staff.  Our yarns have been coined by Interweave Press as part of the "slow yarn" movement.

We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship, fiber expertise, while operating with a very small environmental footprint. It is very important to us to comply with organic processing standards and exclusively use environmentally friendly Greener Shades™ heavy metal-free acid dyes.  After processing each batch is gently washed with organic soap and dried in our solar drying room, ready for immediate use.  We believe these things are important and feel it shows in our yarns.


We are always adding new yarns to our store here at the mill and on-line.  Be sure to check with us often to see what’s new!


From all of us at Still River Mill, we hope you enjoy our yarns as much as we did creating them.  We’d love to hear from you!


Now Featuring   Greener Shades   Metal-Free Dyes!

Please send us a note at sales@stillrivermill.com if you have a requirement for a specialty yarn or a great idea for a yarn we should create and make available. Thank you for all your support!